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notian's Journal

20 July
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I am a silky, silky bastard.
I eat silk worms.
And then shit out a sari.
$.33 store, $.66 store, $.99 store, american history x, annalise's legs, b00bage, bad shit, baked potato helmets, being john malkovich, being loved, bicycle soccer, biting people, blood, brute!, bulging erections, bulk vaseline, camwhoring, captain planet, car dodging, carrots with vaginas, cats, cheating death, chinese acrobats, circle square ranch, cocktail umbrellas, collecting old teeth, cotton candy machines, cowboy hats, cross dressers, dan savage, dangling babies off balconies, darting around suspiciously, decoupage, doing whatever i feel, dr.seuss, dreadlocks, earl grey tea, edward norton, enchanted villages, engrish, erect nipples, feeling numb, festive coffee mugs, fight club, flamethrowers, flock of seagulls haircuts, free goo, free stuff, freeloading, fuchsia font, fuzzy stickers, gattaca sucks, gelato, glass butt plugs, glass dildos, glitter glue, gnomes, goatse.cx, hammer time, hating candace cameron, hello kitty van van, hippies, houndstooth print, humping trampolines, ikea, insanely bright colours, insanity, interesting interests, jellied cranberry sculptures, jesus orgasms, kangaroo scrotum coin purses, kirk cameron, kitchenettes, kmfdm, kool-aid mix, lawn gnomes, licking wounds, licorice allsorts, lkvy, llewellyn, mark ryden, mc escher, melting crayons, men without hats, miniature fruit, money smell, monty python, my birthday, natural born killers, nude anything, nude everything, nude something, oddities, operator assisted phone sex, opposable thumbs, painting glass heads, paper bag masks, pelvis thrusting, petting zoos, phallic carpets, php, piercings, pineapples, pixelated porn, puppets with blue glasses, rice krispie squares, rule of thumbs, safety dance, sampling food, savage love, seafood, signing, smelly good stuff, sniders, square watermelon, supervan, surfing, sushi, suspending, tarp salesmen, tasty pills, tattoos, tetherball, the dickens, the word 'cunning', thumbs, toe socks, tri-coloured popsicles, tricorders, truffula trees, tubgirl, turkey insemination, typing in all caps, ugly centerpieces, unificators, unmentionables, vancouver, vice magazine, weeping, west end, writing